• Name : Tyrus R Smith
  • City (New Mexico Residents Only) : Albuquerque
  • Union Status : Non
  • Hair Color : Brown
  • Eye Color : Brown
  • Vehicle : Pickup Truck
  • Military & Weapons : Firearms
  • Horseback : Hobbyist
  • Sports : BILLIARDS
  • Height : 6'-1
  • Ethnicity : Hispanic or Latino
  • Voice Over Experience : Novice
  • Other - Additional Skills/Experience/Important Search Terms : Play Saxaphone 4+yrs woodworking
  • Photos by: : Myself
    Hello my name is Tyrus Smith. I am 31 years old. I have brown eyes and dark brown hair. I am 6 feet 1 inch tall and weigh about 230lbs. I wear a size 48L Jacket, 40 waist x 32 in. long, 18in. neck, Size 13 shoe, Size 7 3/8in ball cap. I am willing to cut/grow my hair to any style needed. I have tattoos that I own the rights too and am willing to provide a signed document by artist if needed, but also don’t mind covering them up if needed. All my tattoos can be covered by a dress shirt and tie. I own my own business, it’s a linen supply company I supply carpet runners to many small retail stores. I can be available 99% of the time even with short notice. I was and still am a Chef. I previously worked the line at Sandiago’s at the Tram and at Shark Reef at The Botanical Gardens. I have Four years experience in Woodworking. I am also proud to say that I can also play the Saxophone. I also took 2.5 years of drama classes in high school. I have just started doing background work this April and I’m really enjoying myself that I decided to make this small profile about myself and what I have done so far so that I may have the opportunity to work with many other Productions crews and sets. Some of the work that I have done so far is … “Get Shorty”, “Longmire”, “Scalped”, ”Graves” and “The Night Shift”